It was just another day in the office but waking up in Japan made things a bit more interesting. That day we went to Italian food for lunch which was probably a nice change for the Japanese marketing team.

I must say, it was interesting looking at the drink menu and seeing beers like Coors & Budwieser listed under “Imports” and Sapporo and Asaki under “Domestic”.

After a hearty pasta lunch, we headed back to the office and got back to business. We worked the usual time and then all went out to Shibuya for dinner. Shibuya is a vibrant, lively, fun, faddish, crowded, cramped, and busy area. It is another shopping and entertainment district situated in the west of Tokyo.

It’s newer than its rival Shinjuku and has a cleaner, safer reputation along with its huge department stores.

So once we arrived, we took the Hachiko exit of Shibuya Station and got prepared for the crowds and the famous “Shibuya Crossing”. I took several pictures and soaked in the moment before we moved on. It was just myself, Junko, and Megumi for the first 45 minutes because Ayako and Tomoko had to finish up some work.

So Junko came up with this cute idea of taking pictures at one of the arcades. It’s apparently very popular with the younger crowd because there were literally dozens of these photo booths. We did many poses and ended up with about six different shots.

We then met up with Ayako and Tomoko and headed to the Japanese restaurant. We had to remove our shoes before we could sit down.

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