I woke up Sunday morning around 3am because my body wasn’t used to the time change. I laid in bed and eventually fell back asleep. Today I was going to Asakusa with Mayuwa, Nori, and Ayako. We met at the densha (train) station and headed about 30 minutes north east to this earthly shitamachi (downtown) area.

Asakusa is the heart of old Tokyo, home to the most visited ancient temple complex.

Heading to the most popular temple, we passed through the Kaminarimon Gate which is marked by a huge red paper lantern and guarded by two god statues (Fujin the wind god and Raijin the thunder god. We explored the cute stores and ate some Japanese snacks along the way and also stopped to smell burning incense which is supposed to cure ailments.

We finally got to the Kannon Temple which has built in AD 628. We got our fortunes and tossed yen into a offertory box for the temple. After bowing our heads to pray, we continued on.

It was then time for lunch so we stopped at a cute little Japanese restaurant and ate outside. It sure was fun to people-watch while we ate and drank Sapporo’s.

Our next stop was to the Tokyo Bayside which is very famous for their Tsukiji fish market. Japan consumes one sixth of the world’s fish and this market is where it all takes place. We then arrived at Oedo Onsen Monogatari (Hot Springs) which is a traditional hot spring bath.

It was very fun and interesting at the same time. We checked in and picked out a Kymono to wear and headed to the bath house. We got naked (men and women had separate bath houses) and settled into a roasting hot outdoor tub.

After a relaxing bath, we got dressed and had some dinner. We then left and walked back to the densha station and took a train back to Ebisu. It was time to get to bed because tomorrow was a work day.

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