In an effort to ramp up the growing Japanese CRM market, I was tasked to fly out and mentor and advise the Tokyo marketing team on their web strategies.

I left for Japan on Friday the 21st around noon on ANA airlines (I got a middle seat…yuck) and arrived in Tokyo about 11 hours later. I lost a full day because of the time change so I actually landed at 4pm on Saturday!

The time went pretty fast with all the inflight movies (Batman Begins, Herby Goes Bananas, XXX, and Bewitched). The food was really good too….a full lunch and dinner were both served. They even had video games built into the seats….pretty cool.

I was so happy once we finally landed (one can only sit in such a small space for so long!) but I still had a good two hrs before I reached my hotel.

The Narita airport is outside of Tokyo so I still needed to sit on a train to Nippori and then transfer to Ebisu before I got to my final destination. The train system is so confusing but I eventually figured out which way to go. Most of the signs have English and Japanese so that helped!

Once I got to the Westin in Ebisu, I checked in at 6pm and was happy to finally lay down. I didn’t have long before Mayuwa-san (one of my Japanese friends) was taking me out for dinner so I had to get ready and leave pretty quickly. We met in the lobby and headed to a nice authentic Japanese restaurant and enjoyed a delicious meal.

After several Sapporo beers and fish, it was time to head back to the hotel. I was exhausted and ready for bed.

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