For those of you who use WordPress as your blogging platform, you know it’s the best blog platform out there hands down. I personally run several blogs, all of which run on WordPress version 2.0 or greater. And the great thing about WordPress is the availability of additional plug-ins that anybody could potentially write to improve the WordPress blogging platform.

So what’s the one simple technique to double your page views? It’s actually a free plug-in that you can download and easily install into your existing WordPress environment. This plug-in is called “Related Entries” which basically finds other similar posts within your blog and lists them. If you think about it, it’s nothing really special — the trick is all about where you place it on your blog.

As someone’s reading one of your articles or posts on your blog they scroll down and continue reading until the end of the post. At that point there looking for some new content or something else that they could benefit from based on what they just read.

Now, most bloggers lose the reader at this point, as they found the information they needed and they move on to another site. The trick here is to add this plug-in at the end of your post, and it literally will double your page views overnight.

Now this might not be the case for everybody so you can’t hold me responsible if you don’t double your page views. I do promise, however, that your page views will increase (assuming you at least have decent content). As soon as I added it to my CRM blog, I notice a 63% increase in page views per visitor!

How’s that for a free bump in traffic? Not only did my page views go up, but my ad sense revenue also increased as well. Pretty nice huh?

Side note: You won’t notice the related entries plug-in on this blog because I just don’t have enough content (yet) to support related entries. But I urge you to download the Related Entries plugin and give it a try for yourself.

If you’d like to see it in action, go to my CRM blog and click on any post. You’ll notice at the bottom of the post underneath some strategically placed ads (feel free to click on those too! :-0).

Good luck with the plugin and let me know how it ends up working out for you.

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