I was watching tv while working over here in Japan and flipped to a hilarious show. There was an actor on some game-type show pretending to be Bruce Willis from Die Hard. This guy had a wife beater tank-top, 5 o’clock shadow, along with a perfect impersonation of Bruce himself!

I couldn’t stop laughing because his head was 5 times bigger than his body…it really just looked like someone took Bruce Willis’ head and popped it onto this skinny Japanese guy. Turns out his name is Akihiro Suzuki and he’s been in several Japanese movies which I’ve never heard of.

Akihiro Suzuki Die Hard

If you ever get a chance to watch Japanese tv, you’ll be on the floor laughing. They do some silly-ass stuff and most of it has to do with food. They have more cooking and food sampling shows than Robin Williams has hair.

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