Those of you who are tired of having to wait in long lines at the airport no longer have to wait. There’s a new system called “Fly Clear” which allows you to essentially bypass the standard security lines at airports. Once you sign up with Fly Clear, you are given a biometric card which allows you to pass through security faster and with a lot less hassle. Benefits include:

  1. no more waiting in unpredictably long lines
  2. Travelers get a designated security lane
  3. special concierge help you through the clear lane
  4. you can use your clear card at any US registered traveler airports at no additional cost
  5. the coolness factor. You feel like you’re getting special treatment even if you’re flying coach

So if you’re a business traveler, a leisure traveler, and or a frequent flyer, the clear membership allows you to be in control of your own time and schedule. The cost of this exclusive membership is available to anyone for $99.95 per year. They say you can lock in the rate with the two or three or membership for $199.90 and $299.85 respectively without having to worry about the rates going up. There’s no mention however, if and when the rates will ever increase.

Right now the Fly Clear program only has a limited number of airports it works in but I’m sure this will expand more and more over the next couple of years. The good news is a few major airports such as San Francisco, San Jose, New York, Orlando are already participating in the program.

I don’t know about you but I plan on purchasing this biometric card for the coolness factor and even more so to bypass the long irritating stressful cumbersome security checkpoints.

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