In continuing with my previous post, here’s a list of 5 quick ways you can turn your machine’s speed up a notch:

  1. Turn off all uneeded windows is a great site that lists all the Windows services and tells you what’s needed. Disabling several of the default services will free up your memory and also speed up your computer. Fair warning: Be careful when playing with your services since disabling certain ones can cripple your computer. Blackviper however, gives you great detail so as long as you follow his list, you’ll be fine.
  2. Check “startup” folder – This folder is what Windows loads and is usually a bunch of junk (i.e. MS Office Fast Find, Acrobat, etc). Removing these from your startup folder doesn’t mean they won’t run, it just might take a little longer to load if you ever use them. has a nice article on this.
  3. Choose “Advanced or Custom” installation – Most software you install almost always adds a bunch of bloatware or creates shortcuts, new home pages, etc which I can’t stand. If I wanted to make Yahoo my home page after I install Yahoo IM I’d do it on my own.
  4. Unclutter your “Start –> Programs Menu” – Whenever you install a new program, it creates a new folder in your programs folder. That’s great but what happens once you’ve got many many programs installed? Your programs menu becomes a mess and you’ve got to scroll to find anything. Here’s my secret: I create a “Misc” folder and drag all program folders I rarely ever use like Nod32, Yahoo IM, etc and plop them in there. That way you keep your main programs folder clean and still have all folders!
  5. Tidy up the Taskbar – I’m not a fan of the XP default Start Menu so I make several changes including the following:
  • Turn on the Classic Start Menu – cleaner look and easier usability
  • Uncheck “Group similar taskbar buttons” – I don’t like how XP stacks my windows into one item.
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